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Server up! 6/16/17

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Thank you all for you patience.

Here are the following changes that has been made:
Revamped Luminous Set effects ( See descriptions )
Fixed Description of Fishing Set
Changed food + to stats from 10 to 50
Removed Fishing Box drop from Relic Box.
Audacious Phreeoni card now has 10% chance to never miss an attack.
Added Legacy Rental Box in Freebie NPC
Added Legendary Dragon Rental Box in Freebie NPC
Added Divine Wrath Rental Box in Freebie NPC
Added Ancient Aeon Rental Box in Freebie NPC
Addition of Reward to 29th Box (Love Loot)
Price Revision of Hokage Scrolls (1 ARC each)
Removal of Poison Bottles, Glistening Coats, and Gym Passes from WoW Mob Drop Table Addition of Floor Requirements to WoW Mob Drop Tables (Floors 1-3; 1% drop chance)
Additional ARC requirements for each equipment parts (DBZ,Aeon,Divine)
Added Gold Room
Added Quest Requirement Shop near Essential shop.
Added 4 custom cards in Audacity Quest:
Chuckring Card
 - Everytime you kill a Chuckring, has chance to drop [ Gold Coin ].
Matildaring Card
 - Everytime you kill a Matildaring, has chance to drop [ Convex Mirror ].
Redring Card
 - Everytime you kill a Redring, has chance to drop [ Yuki's Gum ].
Bombring Card
 - Everytime you kill a Bombring, has chance to drop [ Audacity Revamp Coin ].
Added 1 Custom Weapon in Audacity Quest:
Zeny Knife(Upgraded)
- A dagger that steals zeny from monsters upon their death. 
Yuki's Gum
 - For 1 minute you will have a 200% drop rate on every mobs.


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