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  1. Hey everyone! We are here to inform you that AudacityRO will be going on a hiatus(break). We have deemed it necessary and probably the best course of action to temporarily close the server due to Authority becoming busy with his new work and also me becoming busy looking for work. Now what will happen? Just like during Season 1, We will back up all the data (your characters, items, etc) and when we return your items will still be there. But unlike before, no currency will be replaced/deleted and will stay the same. Updates will be done at our own pace and time, and when we deem it fit on our schedules, we will be back. Consider it as a Season 3, like Game of Thrones. The server will be down at 12 midnight of 8/23/2017. We would like to thank everyone for your continued support, we all had fun! Special thanks to Authority, Gyno, Seraphim, Mikhelis, Violin, Bakuryu, Greenonyx, Sakura and Peekaboo.
  2. Maintenance for 8/4/2017 DONE! Enjoy! ALL HAIL
  3. 6 AM to 12 PM Details will be posted later.
  4. Changelogs [2017-07-20] Part 1 [Utility]-Ascension NPC is now back! Fixed decarding bug. [Skill]-Magnificat duration increased to 5 minutes. [Skill]-Magnus Exorcismus is now weapon elemental based. [Skill]-Impositio manus duration increased to 5 minutes. [Skill]-Demonstration duration increased to 5 minutes. [Skill]-Demonstration skill boosted weapon break chance from 5% to 50%. [Skill]-Drum on the Battlefield can now be casted without ensemble. [Skill]-Gloria duration increased to 5 minutes. [Skill]-Clown Skill " Humming " Boosted. [Skill]-Clown Skill " Whistle " Boosted. [Skill]-Clown Skill " Battle Theme " Boosted. [Skill]-Acid Demonstration Skill boosted weapon and armor break from 5% to 50%. [Skill]-Adaptation to Circumstances now reduced to 0 cooldown. [Weapon]-Increase Lostvayne Weapon double casting chance of SBK to 50%. [Weapon]-Increase Gaia Weapon Acid Demonstration boost from 100% to 120%. [Weapon]-Increase Herrit Falcon Assault boost from 100% to 500%. [Weapon]-Aethera added Impositio Manus Lv. 30 as passive buff. [Weapon]-Aethera now enables you to use Lv. 3 Clementia. [Weapon]-Aethera now enables you to use Lv. 3 Canto Candidus. [Weapon]-Aethera now enables you to use Lv. 10 Praefatio. [Weapon]-Aethera now gives +50% Magnus Exorcismus damage boost. [Weapon]-Zeny Knife transformed into Costume Weapon instead. [Weapon]-Reduced auto cast chance of [ .. Kicks ] in Astil from 10% to 5%. [Weapon]-Reduced Damage boost on Astil weapon [ .. Kicks ] from 150% to 100%. [Weapon]-Animus raid boost damage increased from 50% to 200%. [Weapon]-Aeon Magic Crasher boost damage increased from 100% to 125%. [Weapon]-Chastiefol Spiral Pierce boost damage increased from 30% to 60%. [Monster]-Addax summoning issue is now fixed. [Card]-Audacious Sniper Card, if worn by sinx, only +15% regain is applied againts demi-human.
  5. Server up! Part 2 maintenance will happen later or tomorrow! Changelogs click here.
  6. Server Maintenance at 8:33 AM - 1:00 PM GMT+8/Server Time
  7. Deadline for this event is on 07/14/2017 Friday at 12:00PM GMT+8
  8. Server is now online! Guild member cap now adjusted to 16, new woe/koe scheds, and rewards.
  9. 7/10/2017

    Server maintenance for guild member cap change. 1-3 hours. 7:00 am to 10am GMT+8
  10. Please patch! Server is now online Details of the patch will be posted later. All hail!
  11. Scheduled server maintenance 7/8/2017 at 15:00-18:00 Server Time/GMT+8 3pm to 6pm. Thanks for your patience! All hail.
  12. [Event Mechanics] Hey everyone! Time to revive this event! So we want you guys, to write guides that can help new players be informed. Topics can include: Fishing Basics MvP Hunting WoW Farming (Floor 2 and beyond) Basic PvP Builds Custom Item Effects (Sets, Weapons, Legacies) Normal MvP vs Audacious MvP Cards You are free to use any means for the guide; you can have images, videos, and gifs. You are also free to write as many guides as you want, but we will only choose one of your guides. We will have 3 winners, and will choose according to the following criteria: Creativity/Formatting - 50% Content - 25% Uniqueness - 25% Prize for the winners will be 1 Authority's Love Loot, 1 Sacred Weapon and a headgear set only available from this event!
  13. Details of the maintenance will be posted later. Please patch before you login! Thank you for your patience! ALL HAIL!
  14. Please be advised that we'll have a maintenance for 1-3 hours. Thanks for your patience!
  15. Greetings, I just tested the patcher just now and it works. Try running it as an administrator.