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      Welcome to our new forums!   11/17/16

      Greetings! Welcome to our new community forums! We're still setting it up and working on the theme so stay tuned! -Skyline


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  1. Skyline

    AudacityRO going on hiatus

    Hey everyone! We are here to inform you that AudacityRO will be going on a hiatus(break). We have deemed it necessary and probably the best course of action to temporarily close the server due to Authority becoming busy with his new work and also me becoming busy looking for work. Now what will happen? Just like during Season 1, We will back up all the data (your characters, items, etc) and when we return your items will still be there. But unlike before, no currency will be replaced/deleted and will stay the same. Updates will be done at our own pace and time, and when we deem it fit on our schedules, we will be back. Consider it as a Season 3, like Game of Thrones. The server will be down at 12 midnight of 8/23/2017. We would like to thank everyone for your continued support, we all had fun! Special thanks to Authority, Gyno, Seraphim, Mikhelis, Violin, Bakuryu, Greenonyx, Sakura and Peekaboo.
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