AudacityRO - A Super High Rate(SHR) server that transcends your limits!

Resist-based gameplay, Player-driven economy, Extensive customization, Productive quests, Instanced dungeons, Balanced classes and items, Active staff, DDOS Protected, Farming and Fishing, Exciting WoE, PvP and BG, Questable donation items, Awesome community, Fun GM-hosted and automated events, Unique and rare headgears, No Stat Seller, Base level: 750 and Job level: 250, Pre-Renewal Server with Renewal Content

What we offer:

Resist-based gameplay
This is the core of our server, a classic resist-based gameplay goes way back 2007 and it is still fun and competitive to this day. Of course, we made it a little more audacious.
Player-driven economy
A player-driven economy that stands out among the rest through farming, fishing and doing storyline quests. You'll never get bored because there's so much to do!
Extensive customization
While we appreciate classic SHR gameplay, we want to be unique and creative with regards to customized content. Rest assured that all content updates are fair and square.

To be able to play AudacityRO without any hassle, we highly recommend you to download our Full Client Installer.
Just simply download, install, patch the client and you're ready to play!

The lite client are for advanced users only. You need to have an updated kro folder to make our lite client work. Simply copy our lite client files on to your clean kro folder, patch our AudacityRO Patcher, then play.